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What credit cards do you take?2022-08-23T03:31:15-04:00

All major credit cards

How do you keep the seafood fresh when shipping?2022-08-23T03:30:53-04:00

We use a combination of frozen gel packs and a Styrofoam cooler within a box to keep seafood cold and fresh!

We do not use dry ice, as it has additional drawbacks.

Where do you ship to? Do you ship Internationally?2022-08-23T03:29:52-04:00

Right now, we only ship within the United States

If I have my own FedEx or UPS account can I use it to purchase seafood?2022-08-23T03:28:55-04:00

Absolutely, contact us before you purchase your order

Why is shipping so expensive, and do you profit from shipping?2022-08-23T03:26:15-04:00

Shipping charges are based on our contract with FedEx/UPS and are a direct pass-through to the FedEx/UPS account/site. We do not profit from FedEx/UPS packaging and often pay fees over what the customer does with each order.

We previously used ground services for Florida addresses; however, we found that there was little to no protection for the buyer if a package was lost or damaged as FedEx does not cover perishables within their policy. We want to ensure that our customers are covered for all orders!

When will I receive my order?2022-08-23T03:24:16-04:00

Air and Air Save overnight get the packages to your door the following day after shipping.

How do you ship?2022-08-23T03:21:52-04:00

We ship Monday – Thursday using FedEx Next Day. Everything goes out for overnight delivery.

How long are the Stone Crab claws good for after I receive the box?2022-08-23T03:44:28-04:00

If you place them in the refrigerator after receiving them, they will be good for 3-5 days. If they go directly into the freezer, they can be saved for months. Think of them like any other frozen seafood item.

Can I leave my Stone Crab in the shipping box overnight once I receive it?2022-08-23T03:43:09-04:00

We do not recommend leaving the crab in the box once you receive it. Stone crab claws require open air to maintain freshness. If they are in an enclosed box/bag for over 48 hours, the claws will become acidic smelling. We recommend storing the claws in the refrigerator in the open air or the crisper drawer.

Are the Stone Crab scored or pre-cracked?2022-08-23T03:42:16-04:00

No. We do not recommend scoring or pre-cracking stone crab claws, as the meat tends to dry out quickly once cracked.

How many claws do I get per pound?2022-08-23T03:41:46-04:00

This depends on the size of the claw.


Medium claws: 6-7 per pound


Large claws: 4-5 per pound


Jumbo claws: 3 per pound


Colossal: 2 per pound


Mega Colossal: 1 per pound <- These guys are HUGE!!

How do I thaw frozen Stone Crab claws?2022-08-23T03:40:56-04:00



You are looking for a ratio of about one-half cups of salt to one gallon of water. Put the container in your fridge or, if you don’t have room in your fridge, use ice bags to keep it cool. Keep in solution overnight for a fresh, just out of the water, taste!

Are the Stone Crab fresh or frozen?2022-08-23T03:36:02-04:00

This answer depends on the time of year that they are purchased. At Frenchy’s Seafood Market, our goal is to provide the freshest seafood possible. During the off-season, it is common for us to “Fresh Freeze” the crab after cooking to ensure freshness and preserve the already cooked meat. For thawing instructions, see “How do I thaw frozen Stone Crab claws?”

How do you open Stone Crabs?2022-08-23T03:34:39-04:00

There are several options for opening stone crab claws. If you click HERE you will find our stone crab cracker. This is an industrial-strength cracker, which assists in opening the toughest shells! This cracker is best used for large quantities of stone crab claws. For smaller amounts, you can simply use the handle of a butter knife to open them. Use this with the same force that one would use to hit a nail with a hammer. Take care not to over crack the claws, as this will cause the shells to become embedded in the claw meat.

Should I heat my claws or eat them cold?2022-08-23T03:33:30-04:00

Stone crab claws are similar to shrimp. Some people prefer them cold and dipped in mustard, while others prefer them heated. If you heat them, a quick dip (no more than a minute) in boiling water will bring them up to temperature!

Are the Stone Crab cooked?2022-08-23T03:32:41-04:00

Yes, Stone Crab are cooked as soon as they are taken off the boats to ensure that the meat does not stick to the shell!

What is the season for Stone Crabs?2022-08-23T03:31:51-04:00

The season begins on October 15 and ends on May 1. During the summer months, we offer a superior quality Stone, frozen at the peak of freshness and arrives at your door ready to eat.


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