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3 LB minimum order for Stone Crab Claws. You can mix and match sizes.


Fresh Frozen Stone Crab Claws are still available!

Thawing procedure for Frozen Florida Stone Crab Claws
The best procedure is to remove the Stone Crabs from the plastic bag and place them in a colander. Place in a colander into a large pan and place in the Refrigerator overnight, ensuring the Stone Crabs are not sitting in any water.
If needed you can thaw the Stone Crabs on a kitchen counter again by placing the Stone Crabs into a colander so the Stone Crabs are not sitting in water.
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Stone crab claws are one of the most sumptuous seafood delicacies in the modern world. They have a taste and texture that is similar to lobster. When you want to order the best stone crab claws online, you can trust that Florida is the hotspot destination. It’s where most of the commercial harvest for stone crab claws occurs. This is why reputable businesses like Frenchy’s Stone Crab Seafood Market always provide the most exceptional stone crab claws. If you are a stone crab fan or curious about how this highly-prized crustacean tastes, don’t hesitate to order your stone crab claws online from us.

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