How to Crack Claws Tips

Frenchy's Stone Crab Claws are delicious and full of succulent meat. To fully enjoy your meal, here are just a few suggestions to follow on how to best crack, serve and enjoy.

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1. Hold the crab claw in the palm of your hand, using a kitchen towel or something similar to protect your hand and catch excess shell.

2. Using the back of a large spoon, lightly strike the back or rounded side of the two knuckles with a quick snapping motion. The shell should be cracked gently, so the stone crab meat stays intact and is not pierced by its shell.

3. Peel off the shells and gently remove the meat. Please Note: There is a hard center membrane inside the claw, so when eating, pull or scrape the meat off of the membrane.

4. Serve with slices of lemon, drawn butter or mustard mayonnaise sauce.