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Frenchy's Stone Crab Company

Frenchy's Stone Crab Company is comprised of independent crabbers that focus their efforts only on the Florida stone crab. With the support and dedication of these professional crab boat captains – many who've been crabbing for us for over 20 years - we harvest, cook and ship this special seafood product during season (October 15 - May 15) fresh, never frozen. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Frenchy's Stone Crab Company is the only processing plant solely dedicated to the delicious Florida stone crab claw. We are HACCP certified and FDA approved. Our state-of-the-art facility cooks the fresh catch the same day they are harvested, so that we can provide the freshest claws possible to our customers.

All season long Frenchy's Stone Crab Company is dedicated to providing the best quality stone crab claws to our buyers. Through careful, lawful harvesting, precision cooking and thoughtful detail in packaging and shipping, our friendly and efficient staff help guarantee our customers a high quality product at a fair cost.

For more than 30 years, Frenchy's has been a quality provider of fresh local seafood in the Tampa Bay area and in each of Frenchy's four Clearwater Beach restaurants. Now you can order the same fine seafood served in Frenchy's restaurants from Frenchy's Stone Crab Company, shipped fresh overnight to your front door. We also sell wholesale and ship direct to other restaurants, seafood markets, dealers, caterers, supermarkets and distributors. If you wish to order a large quantity of product, please contact us by phone at 1-888-934-1030 or email.

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The Freshest Florida Seafood

Frenchy's has been serving and shipping the freshest florida seafood for over 33 years!